Workflows are an integral part of many editing teams. Kañooh has chosen to offer this standard (but it can be turned off for smaller teams). The concept is simple and therefore effective.


Texting evolving concepts through editors and published webpages via final editors.


  • Editors can work on their concepts until they are satisfied, after which they can forward it for approval to a final editor; Or it can be shared with other editors first to get feedback.
  • The final editor can place comments on texts and return to the editors or an editor. If a text is ready for publication, it can be published immediately or posted for publication at a later date. If a page has a limited shelf life, an offline date can be specified.
  • To keep a good overview, the editor and the editor will have their own dashboards. They quickly see the most important information (based on urgency) of their own work and the team's work. For example, a final editor will have an overview of:
    •  His / her concepts
    •  His / her approved texts
    •  All approved texts (for the final editing)
    •  All the texts on which the editors are working
    •  All recent published texts
    •  All planned publications
    •  ...
  • From the dashboard, you can then go to the specific text to edit it, by referring or publishing it. The workflow is an important tool for keeping the content of the websites up to date and qualitative.