The leading official of an entity of the Flemish government may sign up to a maximum of 500,000 euros excluding VAT. Most entities have their own delegation decisions, whereby the leading official delegates the drawing capacity to a certain maximum internally. This may vary according to the entity. "The drawing power is governed by the" Flemish government decision to regulate the delegation of decision-making powers to the heads of departments of the Flemish ministries "of 10/10/2003:

The head of the department has a delegation to make orders on the basis of an order assignment, within the subject matter and provisions of that order assignment, and at an amount per order of respectively:

1 ° 1.500.000 euros for work;

2 ° 900,000 euros for deliveries;

3 ° 500,000 euros for services.

If the order consists of continuous performance, such as operating and recurring maintenance, the delegation applies without limitation of the amount.