Sometimes content is only intended for certain groups of logged in users. This module gives you the opportunity to create roles and assign a role to users. Next, you indicate on the page which scrolls the page is accessible to.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Then install the module protected content


  • Go to users and click Role at the top
  • The roles that are visible are the standard roles that are available. Here you can not make any adjustments.
  • Click on "Add role" at the top and enter your role
  • Click back on users and assign the role to the people,
  • Check the users where you want to change the role and select "Actions" "Change user roles"
  • Press Run
  • Select the top of the role you want to add and click next
  • Then you can add the content. Go to the pages through content> Manage Pages Select the page you want to screen
  • Click on "Page Content and Options"
  • Under Visibility, "Only Specified Signed User Roles" and "Which User Roles?" Your created role
  • The page will only be visible to logged in users with the relevant role.