Show pages with address information as markers on a map. Then let your visitors search by search field and filters! This module makes it possible to create maps based on the tree structure of your general glossary. The search field is optional and can be added as a pane to other pages. For the time being, the Google Maps module only works for organizational charts


A Google Maps module installs you in a snap. Afterwards, you use the functionality as a page type and pane on your kaƱooh website.

  • Go to the Paddle store in the back end of your website
  • Install the Maps module


  • The first part of the configuration is also done in the paddle store. Click "set"
  • Then enter an API key for the Google Maps map. An API key can be made here.
  • Then you can upload your own selected marker for certain taxonomy terms that are also linked to your page (for the moment only the organizational charts)
  • Then go to content> add content and create a map page
  • Name the page and go to "page content and options"
  • Under page types, type the types that you want to show on the map
  • Optionally, choose the taxonomy terms that may be found and let it search or not
  • Click Save. Please note that it may take up to 15 minutes before the card appears. Also important is that the address is exactly the same as found in