The kañooh web platform has multiple search features / modules. It can sometimes be confusing to choose the correct module for your site. Below you can find a brief description of what search function does.

Default search

Starting with the default search function. This comes as standard with your kañooh site.

The search function will search in: texts, title, taxonomy (tags and keywords) and panes. A filtering on the results is not possible. However, you can choose to disable search:

  • Go to the theme store by clicking on "customize page"
  • Click edit on the current theme
  • Go to Header> Search
  • Check "Show search feature on website"

More information about adjusting the search function can be found here. Please note, these adjustments are applicable regardless of which search feature is used.

Faceted search

As you could already read, the default search function is not possible to filter. Faceted search allows you to filter based on the general glossary and you can specify which page types may or may not be found.
The faceted search can thus be seen as an extension of the default search.

More information about the installation and configuration of the Faceted Search can be found in the FAQ

Advanced search pages
The advanced search pages module brings a new page type, allowing you to create different pages with each their filtering. Here too, you can create a filter based on the general glossary and which page types may or may not be found. Once you've created a page, you can also place it as a pane on other pages. This paddle does not affect the default search function in the header of your site.

More information about the installation, configuration and use of the search pages you can find can be found in the FAQ.

Google custom search
The Google Custom Search module enriches the website with relevant search results from your own website, as possibly other websites with a similar theme. You can set the search range on your Google Custom Search account and enter which sites the search may search. The results are shown after a search on your website and the visitor can then click on it.
Please note, this module applies to the default search function.

You can find more information about the setup, configuration and use of the Google Custom Search in the FAQ.