Create a set of opening hours and link them to one or more existing organizations, services, or entities. It is also possible to indicate exceptional opening hours or closing days. The presentation of the organization will be enriched with opening hours.

Please note that opening hours are only shown via an organizational chart.


  • Go back to the Paddle Store
  • Navigate to the opening hours module and click Install

After installation, the configuration is also done via the paddle store.

  • Click setup and then "+ add opening hour
  • Enter a name for the opening hours
  • Fill in the opening hours per day. The days you do not fill in hours will be shown as closed
  • For example, if you're closed in the afternoon, fill in the opening hours of the morning, click on "add add" and fill in the hours for the afternoon. If desired, you can provide a description
  • Click "Save"
    Then you can link the opening hours to, for example, an organizational chart
    Go to content> Add content
    Select in the left-hand column "Organization Sheet" (Please note, you must have installed the Organizer module)
  • Click on page content and options and select the set you created during opening hours