The product module is intended to offer municipal products such as identity cards, licenses, etc. The fields are based on the link with the Flemish Product Catalog (IPDC). Currently, this link is not provided, but should we add it at a later stage then we are prepared with the correct fields. More information about this link can be found here: https://overheid.vlaanderen.be/productscatalogus-ipdc

1) Install the module

2) Go to "Content" and "Add Content" and click on "Product"

The fields that are not filled in will not be displayed. Only the title is required.

The imported product can be linked to a service whose contact information will be displayed. You also have the option of adding a link to an (appointment) form or external site which is displayed as a button. Does your product have a visual display? Then use the main image and this will be displayed as a separate pane.