Exposed Search makes it possible to return only part of the content of your website. You can, among other things, filter based on terms from the general dictionary and exclude page types.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Navigate to the Exposed Search Page and press Install (Note: this feature is paying, meaning that every kaƱooh customer can install and test this module. In this test period we will contact you. If the functionality does not make you happy then we switch the module off again for you)

Once the Exposed Search Pages module is installed, a new page type will be added.

  • Go to the back end of your website, Content> Add content
  • In the left column you can find the new page type
  • Enter this name and press Save
  • Via Page Content and Options, you can configure the Exposed Search Page
  • With page types, you can choose which types can be searched
  • In the table you can choose whether a term appears in the list as checkbox, as a dropdown or that the term remains hidden. For a hidden term, the corresponding pages are included in the list, but the terms are not visible. These filters or terms are based on the taxonomy of your website. When a visitor clicks a search term, all underlying levels will also be automatically visible to the user.
  • You can also determine if the search field should be available to the user at the top or not. When you check this option, you can optionally determine the text that is in the button.
  • Then you can place your search on different pages through the panes. This is called "Search field"

In the Exposed search page, the user can choose to sort the search results in 6 different ways. The search can sort the user by relevance, title or publication date. These 3 filters can be sorted both ascending and descending. You can see if the results are sorted as descending or descending using the arrows next to the filters.