Multilingualism allows you to easily present your website in multiple languages. Both mirrored and for each language an individual structure.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Navigate to the Multilingual module and press Install


  • After installation, you can also set the languages you want through the Paddle Store
  • Via Content> Manage Pages, you will find the ability to translate under the plus icon of the page. When you click on Translate, you go to the translation page where you can translate the page or link it to an existing translated page. Please note that pages can only be linked provided they are published, set in the correct language and are not linked to another page as translation.
  • You will also find the language of the current pages and the other languages available to the right

Helpful knowing

If you have not yet translated all published pages and a visitor wants to see a published page that has not been translated, for example, in French, the following happens:

  • If a French version of the homepage has already been added, the visitor is redirected to the French version of the homepage
  • If there is no French version of the homepage, the visitor will be redirected to the homepage in Dutch