Through the interaction module, you can give your visitors the opportunity to respond to content from pages.

A good opportunity to get more interaction with visitors, to enter into discussions or to learn from responses. Creating a blog now also belongs to the options.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Navigate to the interaction module and press Install

The interaction module configuration is also done via the Paddle Store

  • Go to the interaction module and click setup
  • Then you can select which page types the interaction feature may have and whether the comments should be approved first
  • After selecting the page types, you can set per page whether comments can be posted
  • Afterwards, you can find the left-handed comments on the management page. Here they can also be deleted, modified or viewed. Also, the page where the comment has been placed can easily be opened. Through bulk actions or via the editing screen, comments that need to be approved first can be published. Of course, it is also possible to deploy or remove in bulk.