Below we will briefly explain how to create a blog. We use several modules, of which the Interaction module is the most important.

1. Install the following modules:

  • Interaction module
  • Contact Fiches

2. Set the Interaction module so that responses to base pages are possible.

3. Create a contact. Enter the blogger's information here.

4. Create a summary page (preferably 'Gamma') and name this 'Blog' and place it in the navigation in a desired location.

5. Create 5 basic pages and tag them with 'blog' and make sure the blogger is the responsible author.

6. Make sure that the response settings are enabled on the basic pages,

7. In the left-hand column of the summary page, add a list of the basic pages with the tag 'blog'. Show only the titles.

8. Add a contact in the right-hand column

9. Add a piece of free text about the blogger

10. Save the page and see the final result!

To get notifications of comments, set them in your personal environment. This way, you'll always stay informed when someone has responded.