Sometimes have to use definitions or subject jargon that are not as clear to all visitors. In order to provide clarity in a clear and fast way, it is now possible to make definitions in the glossary module.

By creating a glossary, the visitor gets:

  • A list of definitions and their explanation
  • A popup when you mouse over a definition in the front end

It gives you the ability to clarify definitions that need explanation in a clear way.


  • Go to the Paddle store via the back end of your website
  • Navigate to the glossary module and press Install


The configuration of the glossary module is also done via the Paddle Store

  • Navigate to the glossary module and click setup
  • Click on "+ Add Definition" to add a definition
  • Enter the definition and then write a description
  • Then you process the definitions into a new text. You can of course also critically review your current texts, so that the internal word usage is clarified through the glossary module.
  • When you move the mouse over the definition, a popup will pop up, for example, to place images

Automatically a glossary page will be added to the content manager.

NOTE: Use a brief description by definition. If necessary, use a link in the description to another page with additional explanation or an external website. The popup does not make much use, especially when used on mobile devices.