Thanks to this module you get insight into your visitors' browsing behavior.

How do you use the module?

  • You are creating a Google Analytics account
  • You are copying your Google Tracking ID. The composition is as follows: UA-xxxxxxxx-yy. You can find this back under Admin -> Property -> Property settings)
  • You go to the Paddle Store and install the Google Analytics module
  • Then click 'Set'
  • In the following screen, enter your Google Analytics ID
  • And click 'Save Settings'

Tracking visitor behavior on your website can start.

Would you like to improve your website? We will give you courses! Give us access to your Google Analytics and we can start analyzing and giving tips right away!

How to do this: give edit permissions in google analytics: go to admin => user management. Our account will already be listed but without edit permissions.

If you need assistance with analyzing the data, please feel free to call. Again, we must get the above rights.