The calendar items behave like regular pages where panes can be placed next to or below. The collection of calendar items is a calendar. When tags are added to calendar items, these items can be displayed in a separate calendar.


  • Go back to the Paddle Store
  • Navigate to the calendar module and click Install


  • Go to the back end of your site, Content> Add content
  • In the left column there is now a new page type: Calendar item
  • Give the item a Title
  • Enter a start and end date
  • If the item lasts only 1 day, you can uncheck "Add to End."
  • Press Save and via "Page Content and Options" you can choose an image and tag a tag

Add to page

  • Then you can add a calendar to a page. Go to the back end of your Page> Page Regions
  • Select the Calendar pane
  • Here you can choose the view and any filter-based filtering