Step 1

First and foremost, you must know where your site's domain name is managed.

Join us here, create a support ticket and we will apply the DNS settings immediately.

Is this not managed by us? Then mail to the administrator to update the referral to your kañooh site with the following info:

Ask to refer the name of your production website (eg to the IP address:

If you are a school, you should contact us to get the right specifications for your IP address.

Step 2

  • Set up your site's maintenance mode.
  • Click "Customize Page"
  • At the top, click the key to the left of your site's name
  • Scroll to maintenance mode and tick no


  • Click Save at the top

Step 3

  • Make sure the necessary pages are published
  • Go to content> Manage pages
  • Check the pages that are allowed to live
  • Then scroll to actions at the top and select "Customize Status" in the list


  • Select Online and press Run


Congratulations! Your site is online now!