Managing a website is more than publishing new pages. More than once, pages need to be edited. But what about the previous versions of a page? Will it be lost or can you return to your steps?

You can find an overview of the older versions with "revisions", compare multiple versions of a page, and publish a previous version. This feature appears by default in the page list in the backend as soon as a page was modified after publication.

Please note: Version Manager only applies to all adjustments you make in the Page-Back Page content, such as body text, SEO, keywords, navigation, ...

Once you see the Revisions button in the page list, there are multiple versions of the page. Click to find the different versions.

You will see that the published version of a page indicates green state, the previous in yellow and older versions in gray. You can check who made the last adjustments and when.

To find out exactly what has changed between two different versions, compare them with each other. To do this, click the batch on both versions of a page. Then click on 'COMPARE' at the top.

Replacing a previous version is just as easy. You can do this from the comparison by clicking in the blue bar on "Replace this version" or from the revision overview by clicking "Reset".

Important: When replacing an older version, it does not replace the current published version, but just creates a new draft version. You must first publish them, so that the visitor of the website can view this page.