Via RSS, it is possible to keep up to date with the latest news articles or articles on a website. The visitor can subscribe to one or more RSS feeds via an RSS Reader to get an overview of the latest published content.

You can place multiple RSS feeds on a website, with one or more filters, such as page types (news headlines, basic pages, ...) and tags. After you create a feed, new content automatically enters the visitor's RSS Reader.


  • Go to the Paddle store via the back end of your website
  • Install the Outgoing RSS module

Some visitors do not like the monthly newsletter but want the news as soon as it is online.

  • Go to the Paddle Store to configure the Outbound RSS module
  • Click on "+ New RSS Feed" at the top
  • The feed title is important and will no longer be changed afterwards
  • You can filter the RSS feed of your kaƱooh website by page type, tags and keywords. (Look at the backend at 'Structure'> 'Taxonomy' after which words you already use.)

Post the RSS feed

In addition to creating an RSS feed, visitors should be able to view and subscribe to it.

  • Go to the backend of a page and click "Page regions"
  • Then add the RSS feeds pane