With a newsletter you have the opportunity to actively reach your visitors and inform them of the latest news and up-to-date information on your website.

The MailChimp module uses you both to build an audience and to create letters.

MailChimp Account

Attention: To use the MailChimp module, you need a MailChimp account. Create this at MailChimp.com.
Once you are logged in to MailChimp, you can create lists. Does your organization send only general newsletters, or do you have a specific audience where you send, for example, invitations to cultural activities? It can all be different lists that you can make.

Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website and install the MailChimp Paddmoduleet.

To get started, your kaƱooh website must first access your MailChimp profile. To do this, enter the correct API Key. This can be found after creating your MailChimp account at: http://admin.mailchimp.com/account/api. Or, in MailChimp, click 'Profile'> 'Extras'> 'API Keys' at the top of the page.
Then click on "Create a key"

  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Click "Setup" at the MailChimp module
  • Enter the generated API Key
  • Then you can start creating registration forms that you can post in a pane on your website. Click on '+ Enrollment Form' and enter the required information.
  • In this step you give the form a title and you can choose which list the completed data will be added to. The settings at the bottom, choose a welcome message or confirm the registration via mail must also be configured via MailChimp.

After the configuration, you can post a form on your website

  • You can place the registration form on one or more pages as a pane on your website. Go to the backend of a page and click "Page Regions" to add a pane.
  • Add a MailChimp pane to a suitable region. Select the form you created in the Paddle Store.

Create a newsletter

  • Go to the back end of your website
  • Go to Contents> Add content
  • In the left column, select "News message"
  • Enter a title and enter the sender's data
  • The Page News Newsletter sets you up the same way as a summary page. Via Page Content and Options, you can configure the page. Via Page Regions, you can choose a structure and add different panes.
  • The Page (Content) pane allows you to view existing content, of any page type, in the newsletter. It is also possible to add images, create free text, ...

The layout of the newsletter depends on where it is displayed. Displayed as a page on your website or sent via MailChimp. Below you will see an example of both views.

Send newsletter

If the content of the newsletter is complete and all the panes are in a nice place, you can send the email to all subscribers. At the top of the page list, click Send. The campaign can be launched immediately, but you can also schedule them.