The quiz module is a feature that allows you to test the knowledge of your visitors and make the website more interactive. You create a multiple choice quiz and place it on your site. In addition, you can organize a contest with the Quiz module.

Useful of the quiz module is the ability to export the results to an Excel file. Users also leave their contact information on the website via this tool.

If you install the quiz module in the Paddle Store, you will also create a page type next to the module. Of course, you can also customize page content, options and regions. The site visitor can participate on the Quiz page.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Then navigate to the quiz module and press "Install"


1. The quiz module configuration is also done in the Paddle Store

  • Press Setup
  • Then click on "+ quiz" to create a new quiz. In just 4 steps your quiz is ready!
  • In step 1 you set up the questions, which you can always provide with multiple answers. With each question you can place an image.
  • Step 2 serves to configure the settings and options of your quiz.
    • On the introduction page, you motivate the visitor to participate. You can also provide more information about the subject of the quiz.
    • Does the quiz choose to win something? Then you have to make sure that the game is not considered a game of chance. Create a nice shift question and ensure clear terms of use to be legal
    • Participants of the quiz also provide contact information. Here are some options possible. You can ask for contact information at the start or end of the quiz. In addition, you have the option to fill in only an email address or the user's name.
    • The results of the participant will appear on the results page. It shows a percentage of the number of correctly answered questions. Here you can explain more about the correct answers and thank the visitor for his participation.
    • Finally, you can also name the buttons that can be navigated between the questions
  • In step 3, choose an image displayed on the quiz's intro page
  • Use step 4 to thoroughly test the previous steps before linking the quiz to a quiz page

2. View
To publish the created quiz then create a Quiz page that you can place in the navigation structure of your website. You can do this via Content> Add Content and choose Quiz Page.
Like the other page types, you can provide the Quiz page with body text and panes in the regions on the right and bottom. The quiz on the page can also be displayed on full screen.