With the carrousel module you can put a slideshow on a page. After you have activated the module in the Paddle Store, you can set it as a pane. It is also possible to move the images automatically on the website, this is called autoplay.


  • Go to the Paddle store and install the carousel module


  • After installation, you can add a carousel to your page via a pane
  • Check "Auto Play" when you want a moving carousel. The time interval between the different images can also be set from very fast (2s) to very slow (9s).
  • The visitor of the website can always pause the moving carousel and play back by pressing the button at the bottom
  • Click Add Slide to create a new slide. For each slide, you can add the following items:
  • Select an image. You can choose a picture from the media library, or add a new image.
  • Add a caption of up to 210 characters. This will be added to the bottom of the image. This is optional.
  • Add a URL to the image. This is optional.
  • You can change the order of items and add as many slides as desired. It is also possible to remove slides.
  • Click "Save"
  • The carousel automatically adjusts to the region in which it is placed and is fully responsive