With the Social Media Sharing module, you place a share button on pages that allow the visitor to share content on social media. To share a page, just click on the visitor and select a social network of your choice.


To install the Social Media module, go to the Paddle Store at the back end of your website. There you will find the paddlet with the orange icon. Then click on install.


Return to the paddle store to configure the Social Media module. Here you can set which page types the sharing button may be displayed and which social media will be available to the visitors. Once your preferences are saved, they will be applied immediately to all pages. Visitors who want to share your page on a social network must of course have an account, so a popup window will appear allowing them to log in to the network site they have chosen.

The page settings allow you to select a default image used for sharing
Click on the tooling tool at the top of the website

Under "Share on Social Media" choose an image from the media library

It is also possible to set an image per page. More information about this can be found here.
If both are configured, the default image will be used when the page has no specific image and if so, the specific image will be used.

It may be that when you have chosen an image, it is not immediately available on the social media.
For twitter it may take up to a week before the photo is available. At Facebook this is faster. If you do not see the new photo after 15 minutes, you can always check it by:

  • Geef bovenaan de URL in van jouw site en druk op fouten opsporen.
  • In addition to Time of Scrape, you can see when Facebook has picked up the new photo last time.
  • Click Re-scrape
  • Next to Example of link comes the new picture