A kañooh website complements your own texts and content, which you can easily customize afterwards. In addition to the texts and content, your organization may also be present on other online media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Embed module allows you to embed or embed widgets from external websites on a kañooh website. This can be displayed in a pane on a summary page or on a basic page to visitors to your website.


Activating the embed function will be done via the Paddle Store at the back end of your website.

After installation, the configuration is also done via the paddle store. Click Setup at the embed module, and then create a new widget. Enter the title and the code.

Then add a embed pane to a region of your page.

For example, if you want to integrate a Twitter timeline on your website, you first get the HTML code on Sign in there and go to Settings> Widgets. In the Widget Configurator you set the preferences, which will be translated into the code.

Paste the Twitter Widget code as embed code in the kañooh website. You will see a preview hereafter. For example, the widget will appear if you place them in a pane on a landing page or base page.

Now the embed code of the Twitter timeline is in your website, but it's still not visible. To do this, go to the backend of a landing or basic page and click Page Regions. Add a pane by clicking the region at the top right and selecting Embed Widget.

Then select one of the widgets you've configured in the Paddle Store. You can also provide them with a top and / or caption.