The news module is more than just a new page type, it is a significant extension of your website. If you install this functionality, you have a news page that shows current posts. You can write news reports from now on in a new page type. On the news list, the messages appear chronologically from new to old. There is room for the date and photo of the item. The last published message always appears across the width of the page.


1. News overview

  • The news module installs you through the Paddle Store at the back end of your kaƱooh website. The news module icon is a green megaphone.
  • Once the module is installed, you can find the News Overview on Content> Manage Pages. This page is of the type "Generated Page"
  • Go to the backend of the news overview to give the page a different title and to place in the navigation structure of your website. Click on the left-hand icon under actions, then scroll to navigation.

2. News Message

  • Once a news page has been created, it must be filled in with current messages relevant to your organization. A news message is a new page type. To create a new article, go to Content> Add Content> Scroll to News. Then you enter the title and the language.
  • Then you can enrich your news article with a photo, which will also appear in the news summary.
  • At the bottom of a news item editing page, you can indicate a creation date, indicating which date may be at the top of the article. This also determines the position of the message in the news overview. Additionally, this date can be modified so that an item returns to the top.

In other words, the module is a new page type with special features.