Kañooh applies the Flemish government website style guide to the web platform. Each khoooh website of the Flemish Government can install the so-called 'Global header and footer'. These appear at the top and bottom of your website as 2 white beams.

The global header shows the Flanders logo. It is possible to fold it out and provide an additional menu, allowing you to link to other Flemish departments.

The global footer shows the message "This is an official website of the Flemish Government. Here too is a possibility to show more information.

The Flemish government makes it possible to place a unique header and footer on each website. To request a personalized embed code, please send the filled in information from this page to Do not forget to mention that you have a kañooh website! The data they forward you can use as a token when installing the new theme, as you can see below. If you leave these fields open, a default header and footer will appear on your website


You can choose whether a global header and footer is required or desired on your website. Installing this functionality takes you back in the Theme Store. There you can choose VO branding when creating a new theme or color palette.