The Mega Dropdown is a handy navigation feature that you can activate via the Paddle Store. At one glance, the visitor sees all topics that belong to a theme, thanks to a pop-up menu.

How do I set up the Mega Dropdown menu?

  • After the Mega Dropdown has been activated in the Paddle Store, you must set it in the Theme Store. In "Navigation" you have to choose between a Fly-out menu, or the Mega Dropdown.
  • The Mega dropdown menu actually consists of panes. So, each item in the main navigation pane. This happens with the settings of the Mega Dropdown module in the Paddle Store.
  • Click on the "+", choose a layout view and a summary screen of all available panes will appear.
  • Any desired type of panel can now be added. For example, place in the Mega Dropdown an image, a navigation pane or a free text field. Success!