In a Contact Sheet, place your (contact) data from a person. This sheet can be placed as a panel in regions, bringing visitors into contact with the right person within the organization.

The contact sheet from step to step

A contact sheet will be installed in a snap. Afterwards, you use the functionality as a page type on your kaƱooh website.

  • Go to the Paddle store in the back end of your website
  • Install the Contact Sheet
  • Go to Content> Add content and click Contact Person.
  • A window will appear showing your First Name and Name. Click Save.
  • In Page Content and Options, you can enter all the information that matches the contact. You can also upload a photo and place the sheet in the navigation structure.
  • A contact sheet is a page type, but can also be displayed in a pane, in a region based or landing page.

From the module settings it is possible to export all contacts.