What is Google Custom Search?

The Google Custom Search module is a special extension of the default search feature on your website and allows you to show results from other websites with a search. This feature is easy to install and enriches the default search function.

The Google Custom Search enriches the website with relevant search results from your own website, as possibly other websites with a similar theme. You can set the search range on your Google Custom Search account. The results are shown after a search on your website and the visitor can then click on it.

How do you install the Google Custom Search module?

  • To install the Paddlet, you must follow the following steps once:
  • In the backend of your website, go to the Paddle Store> Available module and install the Google Custom Search.
  • Next, you automatically enter the Installed modules field, where you can configure search. Click 'Set'.
  • To activate Google Custom Search, you need two Google accounts here:
    • A Custom Search that you can request at www.google.com/cse.
    • A Google API key available at console.developers.google.com.
  • To make the functionality visible to website visitors, go to the Theme store> Edit theme> Header. With Search Search, you can activate Google Custom Search.