A contact form on your website provides a lot of useful information about your visitors. You can urge them to ask questions, to comment and to ask for advice. In addition, you will always get some contact information. The form is simple but flexible as you can enable and disable fields.


  • Go to the Paddle Store via the back end of your website
  • Then install the Contact Form module


  • The fields can already be set up via the Paddle store
  • At the bottom you will receive an email that receives a copy of the submission
  • More flexibility when you create a contact form through Content> Content
  • Enter the form and press Save
  • Then you can set the fields via "Page properties"
  • Press Text Label Options Customize For This Contact Form
  • If you do not want to show a particular field, click the checkbox

Then a contact form can be added to a page

  • Go to the back end of the page
  • Add the contact form pane to a region


Please note that before you can add a contact pane to your site, you must first create it as a page (see step 3 under configuration).