It is crucial that the texts and associated data on your website contain no errors. If your organization's online editing team does not have the necessary expertise to ensure the accuracy of content, it is useful and particularly useful to enable an expert. For this, kañooh developed the read-only user role on the web platform.


What can the read-only user do?


A read-only user role allows you to allow experts on unpublished pages so that they can read texts and content in the back end of the website. Based on the expert's comments, the online editing team may make the necessary adjustments to (unpublished) texts.


The additional user has access to the dashboard in the back end of a website, from which he gets a clear overview of different pages, which he can then click through. The read-only user can not edit, move, add or delete pages, and also do not have access to the following sectors: Structure - Regions - Taxonomy - Paddle store - Homepagina - Themer.


Adding this new user role is done by kañooh's support desk. Give us a signal via and we will do it soon for you.