The organizational chart makes it possible to place a panel of contact details of a department, department or other unit within the organization on all page types. For example, the visitor always knows where to be for certain information. For personal records we have a separate panel. Click here for info about the personal data sheet.

An organizational chart uses you in a different way than the other panes you can place in regions. It is a page type, like the Contact Form, and must be activated first in the Paddle store. Below you will find out how to use this handy tool.


  • Go to the back end of your website and click Paddle Store
  • Navigate to the organization module and click install
  • Then go to Content> Add content
  • In the left column, select Page Types, Organizational Chart
  • Give your organization's name a name. You can create multiple, so give a clear name to avoid later confusion
  • Then fill in the fields you need in the Page Content and Options.
  • Here you notice that the Organization Sheet does not differ widely from other content types, such as the base page and contact form. You can write and format text, add to a menu, publish plans, ...
  • The regional structure of an organizational chart can not be changed. It is possible to add panes on the right and bottom.

Place organizational chart on a page

  • Go to a landing page, a basic page or a contact form.
  • Click the blue plus sign at the top right of a region to add a new pane.
  • Choose the Organizational Icon icon and link it to your landing page!

Useful tip:

The organization pages have gained more available regions since the release of August 2017, making it possible to add additional information.