When creating a new page, you can provide it with "Page Content and Options" with all necessary information. You also see 3 times the word title, each with its own usefulness and meaning. To avoid confusion, we have listed them here.

  • (Page) Title: This title sees the visitor at the top of the page. This is also used when looking for content on the website both in the back and end.
  • SEO Title: This title is not shown at the top of the page, but in Google search results. By default, the SEO title is the same as the Page title, but you can easily customize them, for example, to get more eye-catching in Google by including certain keywords.
  • URL alias: This title will be displayed in the URL window at the top of the browser. By default, it is based on the Page Title, but you can also set them manually. This title is important to Google, as it will be used in the search as a unique identifier. A synonym for URL alias is canonical url.