Regions are panes that you can set by displaying on all pages. You can also set them by page type. Please note, this does not apply to summary pages. Here you have to set them separately on a summary page. More information on this can be found in the article.


  • Go to Structure> Regions
  • If you click "Edit" next to "Registry setting for all content types" you can set a panel that will be visible on any page type
  • You can add panes either bottom or right. The configuration is the same as a pane in any region
  • Press the plus sign and select the desired panel
  • If you do not want a pane to be displayed on a particular page type, you can easily overwrite it
  • Return to Structure> Regions
  • For example, check Overwrite the news type content and press Save
  • The region in the global region settings will now be overwritten
  • This, of course, also works in the reverse direction: if you want to leave a panel on a particular page type, check the overwrite and press edit
  • Then add a pane and press save
  • Do not forget to save in the region page

Summary pages

The panes you've set in Structure> Regions can also be returned to summary pages. This can not be seen by default. Each overview page has a different structure.

  • Go to content and select the overview page you want to customize
  • Go to page regions and touch the plus sign where you want the panel
  • Select the Regional Content pane
  • Indicate the region you want to use, right or bottom
  • Indicate which previous set layout (Saves the regions set above in Structure> Regions) to use the region