Web development is a complex issue and despite all the checks on the written code there is always a risk of errors. When an unforeseen error is noticed that undermines the normal functioning of the kañooh system (website is offline, you can no longer install modules, ...) kañooh takes the following steps:

All customers are informed of the problem and its possible consequences. This is to avoid the problem getting bigger than necessary.

At the same time, we create a Hot Fix Story to solve the problem. This story follows the normal process, but takes precedence over all other existing stories.

When the Hot Fix Story comes through the development process, a Hot Fix Release follows, which of course will also be communicated.

Finally, we look for the cause of the problem, so that we can avoid it in the future, and implement a structural solution.

The emphasis of this approach is on transparency and trust. We strive for a structural solution and a sustainable relationship with our customers.