Origin of a new functionality or adaptation to existing functionality

The framework agreement with the Flemish government has laid down the development of the kañooh functionalities. The roadmap, under the Cutlery tab, lists which cutlery features are on schedule and when they will be developed.

Arranged will be made to the kañooh support desk for new functionality or adaptation to existing functionality. These are the following:

  • If the feature does not represent a (large) value for the platform and / or the request only comes from 1 lot, we will not perform the feature
  • When there is added value, we decide whether or not the feature will be performed for free
  • If the feature is paying, we will let the customer know how much the assessment estimate is and decide whether or not he wants to go further
  • Next, a development estimate is made and the customer decides whether to continue. If no, only the analysis estimate is billed

Co-creation with the customer

Weekly, the priority of all issues for the upcoming sprints is reviewed internally from support, product and technical perspective. In the roadmap, the customer can follow the progress of his tickets.

Kañooh also uses customer feedback to improve the platform. Therefore, the scoping meeting was called into existence. This is a forum in which customers engage in the functionalities to be developed. During the scoping meeting, features are prioritized and included in the planning.

The scoping meeting is there for all customers and is organized monthly on wednesdays from 9:30 to 12:00. We expect a good preparation and input from the customer, so we deliver 1 week in advance clickable models of functionality that we will discuss with a manual that can be found in the Client zone. The click models are created by the product owner and kañooh user experience expert.

All customers will be notified by e-mail of the scoping