There are several page types available within the kañooh content management system (CMS).

Landing pages (summary pages) and basic pages are available to everyone by default and are most commonly used:

  • Landing pages (summary pages) have the main purpose of placing an overview for the visitor. Typically, these are built around providing answers by theme or topic, or even a target audience approach. From your landing page (summary page) you will continue to the basic pages.
  • On basic pages, write the message and provide the visitor with information. For this you can use both text and image.

In addition, you have other page types that you only find under Content once you've installed the module in question:

  • Via a Calendar item, you can add activities, events, ... to your calendar
  • Placing an organizational or personal data sheet on a particular page will help the visitor in the structure of your organization. These page types are usually added as a panel to a region, where a brief summary of contact information is displayed.
  • The type of Web Forms makes it possible to create personalized forms
  • Via the Newsletter you can put content from your website in a newsletter and send it via the kañooh platform (link with MailChimp)
  • The News Release shares your news through your website. These are automatically added to the news list and you can add them separately via a pane.
  • The Quiz page allows you to add a personalized quiz to your website. Through the Quiz module you manage your quizzes.
  • With a contact form, you will be in direct contact with the visitor of your website. Through different fields, he or she can ask questions or comment.