Create new table

You click in the wysiwyg editor to create the icon for a table.

Then you will get an overview of all possible options for a table.

Rows: Number of rows

Columns: Number of columns

Width: Width of the table in pixels

Height: height of table in pixels

Distance between cells: distance in px between each cell

Width: The thickness of the table's circumference

Space in the cell: in px

Alignment: alignment of the table in the content.

Name: Name above the table will be visible (caption)

Summary: html attribute for summary on the table

Once you click OK, your table will be added to the editor.

Edit existing table

You can edit an existing table by clicking a right mouse click on the table and then clicking "Properties Table".


This allows you to customize the properties for the cell


Here you can choose between the following options:

Add row for

Add row in back

Delete rows


Here you can choose between the following options:

Insert column

Insert column in back

Delete columns

Delete table

This will delete the entire table.